Penetration Testing

Our Working Process

Stop attackers from exploiting your vulnerabilities with our Penetration testing services

Penetration testing has an important regime of testing in finding both the weaknesses and strengths of the application.

Penetration testing is a simulated attack that attacks the security system to test its vulnerability.

Penetration testing process is as follows:

  • Identification of threats, vulnerabilities and risks in the environment.
  • The complexities of penetrable checkpoints like the location of sensitive data, network connection spots, access points, and data transmission points are noted.
  • Our Pen test team attempt to exploit any weakness by trying to penetrate both at the network and key level.
  • If the team is able to access the system by finding a weak spot, the vulnerability would be looked into and corrected and penetration testing will be re-performed.
  • This complete process will be repeated n-number of times until penetration by external forces becomes impossible.
Intellectfaces offering penetration testing services

Our approach

Penetration Testing is an authorized attack on a system to better understand its vulnerabilities. IntellectFaces is the best penetration testing company in the USA, and it provides the best penetration testing services to clients with great features.

People planning for penetration testing approach
Icon for target reconnaissance   Target Reconnaissance

In target reconnaissance, consultants collect information about the environment, including organization systems, usernames, group memberships, and applications. Goals are defined and all related intelligence is gathered.


Icon for vulnerability exploitation   Vulnerability Exploitation

In the vulnerability exploitation, penetration testers attempt to realistically exploit the identified vulnerabilities utilizing a combination of publicly possible exploit code, commercial penetration testing tools and customized exploit code and tools.


Icon for vulnerability enumeration   Vulnerability Enumeration

For vulnerability enumeration, security professionals seek to recognize your exploitable vulnerabilities and discover the best way to take advantage of them.


Icon for mission accomplishment   Mission Accomplishment

At mission accomplishment, which may be in the form of our specialists getting access to your physical environment through the Internet, stealing data from segmented environments or destroying a device with malicious commands.