Legacy Modernization

Our Working Process

Make your application responsive and efficient with legal modernization services.

IntellectFaces legacy modernization approach holds numerous range of services encompassing SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) model to offer a scalable, cost-effective, and more effective ecosystem. Our specialties include

  • Re-engineering
  • Combining new system through SOA
  • Re-hosting
  • Implementing Packages
Intellectfaces legacy modernization services

Modernize to develop a consistent digital value chain

Our legal modernization services aim to enhance usability, accessibility, longevity, and functionality of the current systems. We connect and have a healthy relationship with the popular enterprises to modernize their legacy systems, deploy modern IT infrastructure, implement new systems while enhancing their profitability, agility, and performance.

It is the best approach for modernizing the legacy system. The attempts to realize the system for code, process perspectives, and design to the right enterprise knowledge beyond the network. It enables migration of operation to a unique platform and also compromising new updated as per the current requirements of the business.


This strategy in the modernization legacy system means its a whole or part of the current architecture and its replaced by CRM, SCM, ERP, and other third party software. It can initially be a time-consuming process, but it decreases the maintenance and enhancement cost over time.

Implementing Packages

This method is used to move the current legacy system to a different and new hardware platform. This strategy is identified as modernized, the business logic and data of the existing systems are received while they are sent to a new platform.


Business logic and data taken from the legacy systems are utilized to connect both systems into unique distributed systems with an SOA, and therefore turn this into a well defined and reusable service.

Combining new system through SOA