Mitigate threats and provide attach simulations.

Identify the threats, measure the potential damage, and devise ways to negate attacks and defend IT resources.

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Provides secure software

Our services identify possible security threats and vulnerabilities, measure the potential damage each could cause, and devise ways to negate attacks and defend IT resources.

Our certified experts have years of experience in identifying threats, working in the cybersecurity arena with various standards and have dealt with mitigating threats over a large scope of services.

We offer a holistic approach to ensure that you have a good view into what risks are posed by certain vendors and we work with you from there to have proper measures to mitigate them.

Why IntellectFaces, Inc. for Threat Modeling and Attack Simulation?

Decompose the service

Our experts understand how your applications are used, potential entry points for attackers, and what useful assets are contained within the system which includes penetration testing and an assessment of all assets within your organization.

Improve security posture

Our Threat Modeling results in systematic documentation of your assets which quantifies info on your systems configurations and lets your information be compared against threat intelligence for better preparation and our continuous monitoring will bring a boost to your security.

Collaborate better

With our service security professionals, managers, and end-users end up collaborating with developers to improve visibility into software as it is being designed or evaluated, increasing resource efficiency.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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