Secure the core of software applications.

Perform a deeper code analysis and identify security issues.

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Reduce the cost of time required to identify, patch, and debug security issues

Security flaws in an application can allow attackers to bypass authentication, tamper with data, and access sensitive information. Our certified engineers use a mix of manual review and automated tools to inspect your application code for bugs, vulnerabilities, and issues that malicious attackers could exploit.

A secure code review is a vital step in getting your application off to a good start and ensuring everything works as it should. Our service helps secure the core of software applications by performing a deeper code analysis and identifying security issues that are not immediately apparent.

We offer a holistic approach to ensure that you have a good view into what risks are posed by certain vendors and we work with you from there to have proper measures to mitigate them.

Why IntellectFaces for Secure Code Review?

Complies with Coding Standards

We ensure that the software complies with the enterprise coding standards and standardization of solutions results in the efficient delivery of products to the market.

Increased Security

A code review tests your application on multiple levels to assure its ability to withstand cyber-attacks by removing exploitable vulnerabilities.

Security Compliance

We ensure the application becomes security compliant increasing user trust.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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