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Mobile device security without compromise

Securing mobile devices is tricky. There's no one-size-fits-all, but there are a few core components that each approach should include. For maximum security you need to find the approach that suits your network best.

IntellectFaces Mobile Device Security specializes in securing mobile devices and applications on Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile platforms. Our experts have a strong understanding and implement best practices to effectively protect your devices, without compromising portable device-reliant culture within your organization.

Our Mobile Device Security service extends beyond just making your devices safer. Our team ensures that our knowledge allows your organization to benefit in more than just mobile security, which will be seen through different applications of our service.

Why IntellectFaces for Mobile Device Security?

Real-Time Protection

Our solution monitors threats to your devices 24/7 and provides updates of possibly risky applications or entities to ensure that your data is not at risk of being compromised.

Lowered Cost and Complexity

Our solution streamlines management of mobile security, device management, app management, and data protection by providing a single platform for managing all devices which leads to lower operational costs and easier management.

Increased Network Security

We deploy security updates automatically and enhance the security of your mobile enterprise. With our MDM, you can encrypt confidential corporate information and prevent unauthorized access to personal data.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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