Ensuring not only securing but also safety of your data

Focuses on mitigating data breaches, exfiltration, and destruction of sensitive data.

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Ensuring Not Only Securing but Also Safety of Your Data

Our Data Loss Prevention [DLP] services include behavior-based DLP detection that detects human errors and responses to cybercrime. We also utilize cutting-edge tools and solutions to incorporate a customized, proper, and efficient DLP Program within your business.

Our DLP services take a customized approach to evaluate your needs to see where you stand before implementing any services. Based on your needs, we offer either an Integrated DLP approach or an Enterprise DLP approach and then move into more specific and custom solutions.

Our unified approach to security policy and automated technologies makes data storage simple, efficient, and customizable. Our holistic approach to prevention allows for our service to give you more value beyond our implementation.

Why IntellectFaces for Data Loss Prevention?

Achieve Data Visibility

Data visibility can be hard to achieve when the organization is vast and maintains large amounts of data. Our DLP Program implementation brings visibility to your data like no other, allowing you to understand where and how it works fully.

Data Monitoring and Reporting

Our team analyzes your data consistently and provides reports of findings, including information of possible threats and inconsistencies which involves monitoring and maintaining forensic data of security events for possible fraudulent activities.

Track and Isolate Security Breaches

Through our DLP Program, we set up a process within your organization to allow you to consistently track down security breaches and separate them from your data to ensure that they are handled quickly and effectively.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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