Tailor SAFe to drive measurable business results.

Unleash untapped potential by focusing on value and innovation to adapt and win.

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Tailor the SAFe, unleash the untapped potential, focus on value & innovation to adapt & win.

IntellectFaces, Inc. SAFe is a leading service for scaling agile and is trusted by thousands of enterprises. With IntellectFaces, Inc. SAFe, we ensure your enterprise yields market-impactful outcomes.

Our experts team has helped dozens of enterprise clients tailor the Scrum / Scaled Agile Framework to deliver the optimal business results that they needed. We can do the same for you.

IntellectFaces, Inc. blends in agile practices with a mix of Scrum and applies them to enhance business agility and help your organization scale up. IntellectFaces, Inc. SAFe Scrum Master acts more like an Agile coach or organization-wide consultant.

Why IntellectFaces, Inc. for Scrum / Safe Agile?

Enhances engagement

The benefit of scaling with IntellectFaces, Inc. is helping your workers to achieve autonomy and purpose which unlocks intrinsic motivation, minimizes burnout, and increases employee satisfaction.

End-user-driven ideology

A product’s success depends heavily on design, execution, and delivery. We suggest a research-driven and customer-centric approach by understanding how decisions will impact the end user before the design phase.

Encourages creativity

IntellectFaces, Inc. focuses on continuous improvement and our team embraces new ideas & techniques. These ideas lead to better quality, increased productivity, and allow your organization to outpace your competitor.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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