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Implement Blue-Green Deployments With Intellectfaces

We at IntellectFaces implement Blue - Green Deployment pattern to validate new versions of applications that will perform as expected in production without disrupting downtime to the existing application.

The new version has been deployed to the Blue slot, we will run a test against the Blue slot in the production environment to ensure that the new one works as expected and then we can swap it from the Blue to the Green slot.

IntellectFaces makes use of Blue-Green Deployment to solve problems by planning deployment carefully, which significantly reduces the risk of errors by minimizing variables during production rollout.

Why IntellectFaces for Blue-Green Deployments?

Instant Rollbacks at the Drop of a Hat

IntellectFaces' Blue-Green approach allows for better detention of bugs. IntellectFaces developers instantly redirect requests to older versions running in a blue environment which allows for instant roadblocks with no downtime.

Help to Automate & Support Assistance

IntellectFaces is designed to help your team automate database schema changes and also enables and supports your team. We update the processes to code at full speed and deliver with full confidence.

Seamless Customer Experience

With IntellectFaces, you won’t experience any downtime. IntellectFaces' Blue-Green deployment allows seamless switching between two environments and mitigating downtime risk.

Let our specialists solve the problems, tackle the challenges, and transform your business digitally.

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