is a one-stop solution to define Objectives & Key Results (OKRs).

The key to success is always execution. And the key to execute is to keep the focus, measure constantly and celebrate the achievement.


IntellectFaces, a leading global data analytics, IT services, and consulting organization. It has announced a long-term strategic partnership with As per the partnership, is built by a team of entrepreneurs and engineers that have a deep understanding of the subject of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). Besides, their vision at Profit is to help enterprises transform into metrics driven, objective focused businesses.

Core Capabilities

If you want to know how your strategic decisions about your team’s projects or need to measure their effect on your macro goals, it helps you to make effective & impactful decisions.

Do you want to know how your employees will feel if they were able to visualize the direct impact of their work to achieve the greater purpose? is the right choice for you.

If you want to understand that all your team members, and know your company’s vision & the most important goals, you can get a path here.

Value Proposition

IntellectFaces gives real business value in customer relationship management and customer experience management, customer service, social media, business process automation, marketing, human resource management, and custom development. Value Proposition

Align with Your Management
  1. You can enhance your performance and achieve more with less effort.
  2. Eventually, you will change the way you deliver and implement strategies.
Review Your Team’s Alignment
  1. You can see how your team’s objectives are aligned with your goals & key results.
Manage by Exceptions
  1. You can watch what is critical to you and be on top of those OKRs from beyond your team

IntellectFaces Value Proposition

Domain Knowledge
  1. Experience in different domains ranging from Telco/CME, Healthcare, Financial Services, Communications, Hi-Tech etc.
  2. Enormous expertise in Industry specific best practices and large scale implementations
  3. Trained and Certified Resources
Large-scale Rapid Application deployments
  1. Above 10 successful Rapid deployments in the last 2 years with over 60% delivery efficiency
  2. Knowledge Base
Quality Assurance
  1. Highly robust and tested processes in place to assure hassle-free delivery
  2. Quality Adherence