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Secure Confidential Government data with IntellectFaces

Instilling a robust Government risk compliance framework is of utmost importance to elude identity frauds, operational Failure, and data leakage. IntellectFaces offers the best Governance Risk and compliance solutions enabling our clients to manage diverse risks while on the lookout for risk detection and mitigation.

IntellectFaces has a variety of solutions combined with the best technology and analytics like fraud detection, anti-money laundering, compliance and risk monitoring, and cyber security.

Value-based and Intelligent Government Solutions

IntellectFaces government solutions focus on protecting sensitive data and transactions involved in the operations of the Government and also serve the clients with comprehensive and quick services.

Performance Management

It is important for data collection, comparing metrics, providing local government managers and providing insights into their organizations.

Public Safety

Assuring Public Safety can be made by noting any criminal activities in the area under surveillance. This can be ensured by analyzing all the related data to identify and predict trends.

Smart Cities

Developing small cities into Smart cities. This can be done by enhancing the quality of life by analyzing the data on economic development, sustainability, and citizen engagement.

Taxes and Benefits

Maximization of revenue collection can be done by improving the rate and speed of collection and recovery. Ensuring that the benefits go to the right people at the right time is an important point in government analytics.

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