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Strategy-driven Banking Financial Services and Insurance Solutions

The Banking and Financial Insurance is a sector which has witnessed revolutionary advances in computing technology and so has the revenue growth that drives to extend the margin of the responsibility of insurers.

IntellectFaces is the best Insurance analytics company in the era and has helped many companies to attain investments in new capabilities that would normally be unattainable.

Banking and Financial Insurance sector is a sensitive business alliance as it deals with financial data. Hence, it is foremost essential to ensure customer reliability and risk-returns.

Our Unique Banking Financial Services and Insurance Analytics

Our BFSI analytics dashboard will provide you with advanced analytics with the best value-added features developed for multiple uses. Build the future of Banking Financial Services and Insurance with us!

Claims Analytics

Improving claims is an important factor for insurers to protect their revenue and profitability ratio. It becomes a critical component in achieving operational efficiency and provides better customer experience. Fast tracking of claims process improves customer experience and customer trust on the investment, but it can increase the risk of fraud. IntellectFaces provides claim analytics solutions to both accelerate the process of claims and reduce the risk of fraud.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud detection must be conducted as early as possible to eliminate any incidents for the insurance organization. IntellectFaces has a comprehensive fraud Analytic Solution to detect accurately on any underlying fraud. Our solutions have access to leverage text mining to tap both structured and unstructured data including claim notes, call center notes, medical reports, police reports, e-mails, and web-based content.

Subrogation Analytics

IntellectFaces has effectively planned subrogation Analytics solution increases the insurer’s yield through advanced analytics. Our techniques on predictive modeling identifies factors that drive successful subrogation analysis and recovery based on the data, patterns, business rules and other related characteristics.

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