About Us










Company Overview


IntellectFaces is a technology and consulting firm built to assist the clients to construct strategies that aid in their digital transformation. IntellectFaces provides legendary service to the North American Region in the field of technology and business.


Our Culture and Values


IntellectFaces has laid its foundation based on the following cultural values –Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Operational Excellence, and Continuous Improvement. We make sure that every employee of IntellectFaces strongly adheres to them in every aspect of the business while delivering high-end returns to our clients and exceeding their expectations.


We focus on finding solution and achieving results. Our team takes personal accountability for our actions and results. We strive to make things better and pursue excellence. At IntellectFaces, accountability means more than just doing our job.

Commitment to Deliver

We are committed to providing a proactive and professional service that is tailored to each client’s needs. We deliver the end-results within agreed timescales and budget and are motivated in maintaining a healthy relationship with our clients.

Technical and Business Expertise

Excellence can be achieved over a period of time through constant hard work. We employ the best for every client based on their necessity and help achieve expertise for both the employee and our clients in Technical and Business fronts.

Continuous Feedback

IntellectFaces evaluates the most significant achievements through the positive feedbacks given by our clients. We maintain continuous communication to receive feedbacks and suggestions from our clients on their expected solutions.

Pursue Industry Standard

We deliver not only on time but also deliver the product with the highest industry standards. Our motto is to deliver smarter IT solutions or products on time and we never falter from it.


We bring in Integrity in every stage of our services and ensure that our client is well communicated about our commitment to standards. Integrity is an Integral part of IntellectFaces.

The heart and soul of IntellectFaces lies on innovation


We believe that modern innovative ideas help an organization spread its knowledge on untrodden terrains. We employ a great team of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, and experts of Business and Technology. We deliver planned solutions to our clients and do not hesitate to venture into promising terrains.